I want a huger stem!


Yes I can, Yes I am, Yes I did...Repeat.
120mm isnt doing any more...so im going for huge ...130mm or poss 140mm stem ....but which one??

It's going to get fitted to a Cube race agree 2014 carbon frame bike...needs to have just black & white (no red etc)
alloy/carbon..i dunno..but ive got alloy bars so i guess alloy is cool, light responsive etc...im not convinced that a single bolt fix is a good plan....if that one bolt goes i'm toast....so I think two bolts will help me sleep better...
must be flippable, if thats even a word.
Theres so much out there Im just after a few yays/nays....

Any links much apreciated. :smile: :smile:
Loch side.
So, you want a responsive stem, do you? And it must be light, a certain colour and make you sleep better. I can help with the last three but the responsive bit...I dunno. How responsive must it be? Perhaps you can help us out here with specifics, units and magnitude?


Using a vague term such as 'responsiveness' and then expecting to be able to determine a scalar increase or decrease in it seems overly simplistic to me.


On One have a bunch long stems on sale atm (I'm after a 130/140mm for a road bike I've stuck flat bars on). You have to be quick tho, the exact one you need has a habit of selling out quick.


Would it not be best to go get a bike fit - you say you don't need a bigger bike - but then you say you are cramped - fitting a longer stem may not fix basic prob
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