I want to sell a bike. Advice please.

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I have a 2017 Focus Izalco Max with Ultegra Di2 and Ultegra everywhere else too.
It's a beautiful bike in good working order, but the transmission is pretty worn.
So, do I sell it as it is
sell it with new transmission ie new cassette, chain, chainrings
and adjust the asking price accordingly.
I suppose it depends on the 'before' and 'after' asking price, but generally, would the good folks here be more inclined to buy a cheaper bike with worn parts or a more expensive one, which is as good as new pretty much?
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The second hand bike market is quite depressed at the moment, would you recoup the cost of the new parts, even on a high end bike such as yours? Something to ponder.:unsure:


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Definitely sell it "as is" because a true cycling enthusiast will want to customise it.

My advice: if you do sell and you have to pack it and send it by courier, do not use TNT and do take lots of photos then instruct the buyer to check the carton for damage before signing, and to sign for it as "damaged" if they have any doubt. We sold a BIanchi Via Nirone C2C and TNT drove something through the box wrecking the frame but the buyer's muppet wife signed for it "in good condition" meaning we had a hell of a battle to get compo from TNT. In the end we got 50% of the cost of a respray.


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I agree putting new parts on will not increase the sale price enough to recoup the cost of the parts


I too would sell as is BUT also adjust your expectation on price severely downward - there are so many amazingly crazy deals on new bikes that the secondhand trade is at very poor prices.



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~You'll probably get away with keeping chain rings, so just swap the chain and cassette
This is what I would personally do. If you sell it with a worn out cassette and chain it may draw attention to other areas. If the cassette and chain look sparkly it will look like a nicely maintained bike 👍
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