I Wonder How It Turned Out (2)

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I was driving to my Mother In Law's one Christmas morning, quite early, having come off the night shift. On Canning Town flyover, I saw an old geeza plodding along. What the hell, I thought, it's Chrismas. So I pull up and offer him a lift. He's going to Dagenham, he says, to see his sister for Christmas Day. No sweat, I'm driving past Dagenham anyway.

So we get to Dagenham, and I say where do you want dropping off.. and he begins to look a bit hazy. He can't quite remember the name of his sister's road, of her married surname, or her phone number. We drive round a bit, but it all looks a bit vague to him. In the end I dropped him off at the local nick.

On reflection, I think the chap was slightly doodle-ally. Maybe once he had had a sister who lived in Dageham (someone must have:biggrin:), but she'd moved on to a Better Place. I did wonder where he'd set off walking from, and what happened to him on that Christmas Morning.
I was counting the gravel on Canning Town flyover, when some motorist stopped and offered me a lift. To make him happy I said I was going to my sister's in Dagenham, but couldn't keep up the pretence when we got there. I was pleased when he dropped me off at the nick so that I could go in and let them know about the space aliens.


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it could of all ended up like the scene in Only fools an horses where Rodney pretends to live in a posh area and ask's Casandra to drop him off at a strangers house
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