i would HATE this commute!!

....don't need to look at the vid. It's Gaz on here!


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Ugh I recognise a lot of those manoeuvres! London is a really horrible place to cycle. The majority of drivers are fine, but the density of drivers, lack of space on the roads and general angry impatient atmosphere means that any bad drivers are almost definitely going to come into contact with you on a frequent basis. Hopefully as more people start cycling and the more erratic cyclists also take to the roads (aka tourists racing boris bikes in the middle of the road!) there'll be some kind of tipping of the scales. Until then, being prepared to avoid the flailing back ends of buses and knowing that it is the undeclared mission of black taxi drivers to sandwich/clip you is something you just have to accept.

I'm hoping that more people will be inspired to cycle post-Olympic success. A greater presence of bicycles I think/hope/wish devoutly will make it safer for everybody. Fingers crossed, anyway..


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Gaz I am still surprised you've never been arrested for assault or damage to private property. If it was me a lot of these guys would end up with broken windscreen mirrors or being punched in the face if they felt getting out of the car was a valid action....well done for your restraint especially when the adrenaline is pumping in situations like this!


12,000 miles travelled in a central London rush hour will get you into a few issues.
Although I reckon my reading of the road is better now and I could avoid a few of those.
some close close shaves in that vid....didnt like the taxi driver in the silver taxi, think he would of made me lose it lol


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I was considering getting one of those horns. I'm definitely getting one now, could just save your life. Possibly more important than a helmet.


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I've never shouted at a driver yet, seems no point when all of my near death experiences have involved a motor vehicle travelling in excess of 50mph with windows closed. Although, there have been occasions when the local constabulary has passed a message on to a driver on my behalf, but I'm sure the police officer didn't shout.:smile:

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It's Landan, innit?

About the worst I've ever had in Glasgow was a taxi driver deciding to quickly do a U turn from one rank to another just as I was approaching. I needed to brake sharply and remember shouting something about Specsavers at him, but, on hindsight, underneath that Heilan'man's Bridge on Argyll Street, it is kind of dark, so maybe he didn't see me.

I don't take it personally anyway as nothing actually happened. Also I remember Pat 5mph being called an 'Idiot' by a taxi driver being practically headline news up here. :laugh:
Having watched that vid all I can say is I'm glad I don't have to cycle in London. Having said that, a good 90-95% of my cycling is in semi-rural areas and quiet towns, hence no confidence/desire to cycle in London. If I had more city cycling experience under my belt I'd quite happily tackle London :smile:

That taxi driver at the end was a right muppet I think. A bit of a tit being more concerned about his taxi than the fact he got too close to you.

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I don't take it personally anyway as nothing actually happened. Also I remember Pat 5mph being called an 'Idiot' by a taxi driver being practically headline news up here. :laugh:
Black taxis and Hampden cabs are the bane of my cycling life: they forgot how I always tipped them well when I used to take them :angry:
I don't think I could handle Gaz's commute: it's as stressing as driving ... I hate driving!

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Sadly I seem to experience similar close passes, cut ups and plain ugly driving shown in gaz's videos.
I feel drivers have poor skills when they encounter cyclist, I also feel vulnerable and threatened when cycling.

I'll carry on cycling and I'll carry on shouting....:sad:
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