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I got taken off by a white van on Walworth road this morning, who decided to close pass me then cut across to turn left, leaving me nowhere to go but down.

Luckily all I have is a bruised hip and a slight graze to the shin. Unluckily for me I didn't get the registration number of the van.

Any recommendations for a value for money handlebar-mounted camera for the purpose of capturing the number plates of nobbers? Don't need anything too pricey as I'm not intending to commit my memories to posterity ^_^


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Go-Pro. can also be chest or helmet mounted. If new is too expensive you can get clearance ones or second hand on ebay.


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I would say it depends on how long you ride for - I have a GoPro for my adventures but use a Fly for my long rides and commutes as the battery lasts a lot longer.


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I only use a Fly6 rear mounted camera. It got the registration and reckless maneuver of a punishment pass driver recently, or else i reckon the police would've/could've done diddly squat.


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Another vote for the Fly6 rear mounted camera. But be warned that the latest version while very good, has some connection issues when trying to connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth. That said, you can connect it to a PC and carry out the necessary updates and set up tweaks etc


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Something that uses gopro mounts because there are some good aftermarket ones. Velcro or rubber band mounting gets annoying fast.

The actual cameras vary quickly and mine is now over a year old so obsolete!
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