If I dont make sense tonight that because I 'm..


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Will we see the difference? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
He's way too far souf for Buckie but far enough to be a southern softie :blush:
Chuffy said:
Made in Devon, you geographically challenged wolf botherer. :blush:
Considerably further South than yow. :biggrin:

I know that you box gerbil! Drunk in the North though and tastes like shoot :biggrin:


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Yenrod, here is a test for you. Read my description of the party I went to this afternoon and then tomorrow morning, or whenever you have sobered up, read it again and see if it makes any more sense.:blush:

The only alcoholic beverage on offer was Whiskey, but you could only have it mixed with another beverage such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or Ginger cordial. Lots of cakes on offer, and biscuits and mince pies, and stollen (yes, it was paid for) and choccies etc.

When we had all arrived, our "line manager" suggested we had to introduce ourselves to each other. So it went something like this:

I'm Speicher and I am Wednesday afternoons :biggrin:
(next Person) my name is Dave and I am Thursday mornings, then Lynne who is Thursday afternoons, then the Friday person. Note that there are no Mondays or Tuesdays.:wacko:, and the Saturday person was working somewhere else.

Then someone suggested pulling crackers. I told one of the Wardens that he shouldn't pull crackers now that he was a married man :ohmy:. Someone suggested a game of Junego (or something similar), where you have to remove bricks without the whole lot falling down. Five people played, I just spectated, and one of the competitors had glasses like the bottom of milk bottles, and very shaky hands, he did exceedingly well. It may sound boring, but you had to be there to know how much fun we had.

At the end of the afternoon, I was given a bottle of wine, my prize from the cracker was a bottle opener. I was also given left-hand drive Mercedes Benz A class four door car. Everyone had a wonderful time, and was reluctant to leave.:biggrin:

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Am I imagining this or did yenners post a thread yesterday about how little he drinks?

I,ve just had 4 pints of harveys in The Long Man. Nectar of the gods.
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