If I were to buy a Trek bike which one should it be?

Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by Bigtallfatbloke, 30 May 2008.

  1. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    I have been looking at this:

    but I have no idea where to start...as usual.
    I am probably dreaming anyway as finances are pretty tight but let's assume I can convince swmbo...which bike is best??

    Basically i want a fast bike, capable of being riding reasonably comfortably for regular loops iro of 30-40 miles and then the occassional longer rides say 60-80miles . I weigh in these days at 17 stone (ish) which feels lightweight for me, but I know is still about double what a race cyclist weighs:blush:!
    I want it to look cool as well 'cos I am vain like that:rolleyes::biggrin:

    I like the idea of a white coloured frame if possible. I would want spd pedals but I guess I would need to add those.

    Clearly one gets what one pays for...but I dont want to get a 'cheap' bike and have to sell it in a year or so, I'd rather get a good bike, pay the price and stick with it. I would also need a larger frame size as I am 6'4" tall....my tourer has a 64cm frame which I dont see available on any raceraod bike...would I get away with a 62?

    Like I said I may not get this bike until the maney is there but any thought from more experiences riders would be helpful and welcome. Ta.:ohmy:
  2. walker

    walker New Member

    Bromley, Kent
    Does it have to be a trek? is there other manufactuerers you can aim for?
  3. dodgy

    dodgy Guru

    We would need to know your budget :biggrin:

  4. k-dog

    k-dog New Member

    I'm looking into a trek roadbike at the moment.

    The Madone 4.5 is IMO excellent value at £1400. It's carbon - but not the same fancy carbon as the top end ones. Made in Taiwan or somewhere rather than in Wisconsin.

    Still better than any of the bikes Lance rode in the Tour. 105 components basically.

    If that's too steep then you can get the 1.7 which is basically exactly the same model but with the best aluminium frame.

    And it's white. It's £800 and looks a great bike for the money.
  5. k-dog

    k-dog New Member

    And the model below the 1.7 is Sora basically on the same frame.

    It's £600.

    Shame they don't do a full Tiagra for £700 or so. That would be a decent option.
  6. RedBike

    RedBike New Member

    Beside the road
    The question has to be asked, why Trek?
    And are you sure you want heavy MTB pedals on a feather-weight roadie?

    My suggestion (without knowing exactly what your after) would be to try a few of the 'sportive/audax' Ti framed bikes out like the Van Nicholas Zephyr. Quick but comfortable!
  7. OP

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    £800 was in my head when I posted....no I dont want big mtb pedals, I would fit spds, why Trek...dunno...I just thought they looked cool

    ...At around £800 I found these three I liked the look of:





    ...forgive me fo basing so much on looks, it's just that i know so little about the techy bits it's all I have to go on as a start.
  8. RedBike

    RedBike New Member

    Beside the road
    Sorry, I tend to associtate SPDs with being MTB pedals. Theres no reason at all why you can't use them on a road bike. I was just hinting at the fact that if you're spending hundreds to get a light-weight bike putting a heavy set of pedals on probably isn't a good idea. You'll probably find the dedicated road pedals from the likes of Look, Time etc noticably lighter.

    I've no idea as to which Trek for £800. I would suggest that you try out a few (and from different manufactures).
  9. Horace Goes Skiing

    Horace Goes Skiing New Member

    After much research, I'm buying a Trek 1.7 this week. I need a good all-rounder for commuting and training rides. As far as I can see, the 1.7 gives the biggest bang for bucks when compared to similar bikes like Spesh, Felt, etc.

    You get a full 105 groupset, decent Bontrager wheels and some carbon bits and bobs thrown in too. Not bad for £800.

    I'm buying mine from a Triathlon shop - Up and Running (link) - they've thrown in fitting session as well, normally costs £35.
  10. for me its the T1 as a must!
  11. simonali

    simonali Guru

    Yeah, right! ;)
  12. postman

    postman Legendary Member

    Meanwood ,Leeds
    BTFB,Amazing question cos this evening i am asking the same question to my self.Have been for a new tyre for the Galaxy at Edinburgh cycles.And nipped upstairs to see the stock.I am also 6'-4'' 151/2 st.And have been wondering what would a good fast road bike be like.Trek do a 64cm 1.5 around 600.Also Giant have compact 58.5 that is supposed to fit us big blokes.But on asking today.''We would have to order one in sir.''Wilier do a 59.5.So i have made a list and intend to go through all the bikes to see which would fit.But it would be nice if somone would carry the full range so we could at least sit on one.
  13. John Ponting

    John Ponting Über Member

    I wanted aluminium a few months ago. Looked around. Found a tri shop in letchworth that were very helpfull. They had TREKs (that I was looking for) in my size or in my model. They spent ages helping get me fitted to the right size; they discussed the right model; they got the right combination in within 2 working days; they then fitted it to me while I pedalled along on a turbo.

    Excellent service; excellent result.

    btw a bit further down the scale than most of you guys (I'll never be the next Lance Armstrong) so I got the 1.2T and have not yet regretted it. I still have my Scott Sub20 to NCN or commute on.
  14. OP

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    I would like to ride all three before I decide. I em'd Evans about this but got no reply. I reckon I might get away with a 61 frame ....but i'm just not sure so I need a lbs which stocks all three bikes in the bigger frasme sizes who is prepared to work with me to get a good fit , rather than just pushing to see my cash. Odds of that??? Hmmm...I reckon it's pretty much zero.

    I really want the bianchi...but the trek looks cool as well and the 1.7 I read above has a better spec (although I dont know what in particular??)
  15. P.H

    P.H Über Member

    The Kinesis Racelight T is made in 63mm and comes in white. As it's available as a frame you can also have one made up to your specific requirements. Epic Cycles and Paul Hewitt are among those stocking them and have good fitting services.

    I've just built one up, frame and ITM forks from Wiggle, Open Pro wheels from Paul Hewitt, NOS Campag parts from Ebay and Bike+ and ITM finishing kit from Ribble. Came to a touch under £800, is a better spec than anything at that price off the shelf (particularly the wheels) and because I've chosen everything myself I'm unlikely to be spending on upgrades.
    The reviews will give a better impression of it than I can, I'm very impressed.

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