if you went to see a hard rock covers band which songs would you expect to hear?

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Steve Austin

The Marmalade Kid
smoke on the water
crosstown traffic
you better you bet
i will survive


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I used to be in a metal band, we generally played a set with about three quarters original material and one quarter covers. Those included;

Paranoid by Sabbath
Hanging on the Telephone Blondie
Various Metallica stuff
The home and away theme tune (A rather aggressive version)
Tin Soldiers (Stiff Little Fingers)
South of Heaven and Angel of Death by Slayer
Too Drunk to F**K and California Uber Alles by Dead Kennedys
Among others..

What I would expect to hear though by a hard rock covers band if that's all I knew about them would be the usual Bon Jovi, Van Halen stuff, maybe a bit of Sabbath and of course.. Stairway to Heaven. :blush:


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If anyone can do it as well as Metallica....which i doubt...

Whisky in the Jar.....

Anyone else i suspect would pale in comparison. Shame....brilliant song.


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The TerrorVortex
Barbie Girl!

At an Australian Pink Floyd gig I was surprised to hear Waltzing Matilda. And the theme from Neighbours. And Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (in fact, I last heard that when I was about six, so i'm shocked I remembered it!).
I would never go and see a hard rock covers act. I don't mind the odd cover in a set (my band do a kind of disco folk version of "Stayin' Alive" and a lounge jazz version of "Whole Lotta Rosie"), but there has to be something interesting about the band's version of a song for me. A whole set of someone else's material wouldn't reallly do it for me.
That said ... I'd want to hear lots of Bon Scott - era AC/DC, some Black Sabbath, maybe some Deep Purple and Led Zep. All the usual suspects.


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BTFB do you mean 'expect to hear' or 'want to hear'? Because the answers are entirely different for me.


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well I'm just messing around getting a small band together...we thought covers would be best to start with as it is easier to get paid gigs that way. Personally I'd like to do more of my own stuff...but that day will come...first we need to play together and get 'out there'.

So far we have:

Smoke on the water - deep purple
Under peruvian skies - Dream theatre
Wishing well - free
Children of the sea - sabbath
Paranoid - sabbath....

...those are first up to practice....then I thought about..

Fool for your lovin -whitesnake
beyond the realms of death - judas priest
knockin at you back door - purple

...stuff like that...thing is I am locked into a 70/80's time warp so a lot of the later/modern stuff is news to me...hence the post.



BTFB, I am thinking along the same lines.

The last band I was in we did covers that alot of our "rivals" started to do so you ended up with half a dozen bands all playing virtually the same stuff.

What I am looking at now is playing stuff that you maybe won't hear much of such as : Tesla, skid row, winger, dokken, scorps, ted nugent, dio and some different material by lizzy, whitesnake, purple, priest etc.

Currently attepting to learn the intro to Gary Moore's "End of the world".

BTW, I am not finding it easy. :blush:

Maiden's "Losfer Words" I have found more manageable for some reason.

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
Every band should play 'Johnnie B Goode' as an encore, à la George and the Delaware Destroyers.

The fact it's not the curtain closer at the Last Night of the Proms is a national disgrace.
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