I'm a curel man


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I’m a cruel man

Working outside in the sun (checking my bikes over) with my son, who’s waiting to be picked up by his business partner.

Enter Ali as he pulls up in his large Lexus (son’s business partner) with an expression on his face no mother could love

Me = “What’s up with you?

Ali = “Got stopped by the police last night on the way home and I’ve a defective tyre that needs to be changed and the other three are close to the mark too, Got fined too :angry:

Me = “Oh sounds expensive?”

Ali = “Been on the phone this morning £107 per tyre balanced and fitted and I’ve just stuck £60 in with petrol on top” :smile:

Me = (points down to the bike) Specialized nimbus £22 each, fitted them myself and they don’t need balanced, bottled water “free from the tap” :smile:

Ali = I'm afrid I can’t repeat these words due to children reading this :tongue:

Some days just turn out Great! before they even begin :biggrin:


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So he was still driving round with defective tyres then?..... maybe local Plod would appreciate a call. :tongue::evil:


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That's not a bad price for a Lexus.... heh..heh....

Bike tyres are often upto £35 each (and more) - you should see folk fall over when you tell them !

gary r

£107 per tyre,thats what you get if you want to drive a flash car.My sister in law has a range rover ,tyres for that are £200 each !!! 4 non budget tyres for my small car £200 the lot.


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My boss has a Q7, tyres are around £225 each and he gets 10,000 miles from a set. He's a shockingly bad and aggressive driver, mind.

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Norm - that's not cruel. Indeed you should be praised for your kindness for educating the chap. After all he's been sucked into "that" silly route when he could be a fit and relaxed (and richer) chap with a bike. Keep up the good work :biggrin:
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