I'm American. Ask me anything.


Far East Sussex
As a public service, and to make amends for taking some OT bait –
To our confused American friends... 'pavement' is what we call the sidewalk, NOT the road surface!
I’m volunteering for enhanced interrogation.

Note that I’m also a naturalised British citizen, thanks to an oversight by the Home Office. I have lived in the UK since the time John Major was enjoying the forbidden fruit of Edwina Currie. [Factcheck: said bendy flex was actually in the 80s, before I arrived. But surely she accepted his invitation to the Gladstone bedroom for a quickie when he was in No. 10, power being an aphrodisiac and all.]

Am happy to field political / religious questions, though please tread carefully lest this thread take the express elevator to N&CA, where I don’t get off.

No guarantee that replies will be satisfactory, but they will be neatly typed.


Hugh Manatee

Ooh, me, Me Sir!

What do you guys call these things?


I would call them fenders. I believe that's what mudguards are called on the other side of the Atlantic? What are the boat protectors called then?

welsh dragon

Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
Too many questions most of which would be deleted by the mods or would cause a lot of disagreements amongst CC members . I shall exit stage left. :laugh:
Did America really win WWII ....on their/your own?

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