Im getting slower & I need waterproofs


God I hate this weather. Only waterproofs I have at the moment are heavy Berghaus stuff. Cant cycle in that so shorts and tee shirts and wet it is

Another thing in the three weeks I have managed around 270 miles building upto 28 miles on friday there and back down to my usual 14 yesterday I found myself 5 minutes slower yesterday over 14 yesterday and another 5 today (although I reversed the route) Is this normal at the start or do I have to rest more, eat better or just get on with it.

Want to see my times improve not go down
You could be slower for a number of reasons, perhaps you were worn out you've done too much in the build up, weather conditions weren't right on the day or a combination of both, if the ride was in traffic (blame the cars ;-)) Sometime also in reversing a route you encounter things at slightly different places (hills at the start/end, bends before/after a big straight, there may be more right turns etc.) I wouldn't worry about it another day you might be 5 min faster.


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I went through a slow period recently. It was like I was in the doldrums. I think it was down to a change in breakfast.. Oh and a ton of beer when watching the World Cup.

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You get faster days and slower days, I think that's normal. Best thing is to ditch the speedo and the stop-clock and just ride... the less I think about it, the faster I go.

Regarding waterproofs, at this time of year it's almost better to wear usual lycra and maybe a Gilet and get wet. You and the kit will soon dry. Any other attempts to keep the water out will e like a 'boil-in-the-bag' outfit. Rain's warm this time of year!

BTW, hotter than Hades down here...
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