I'm giving away a £20 Wiggle voucher - Lucky-X competition!


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With the blessing of the mods I'm running a competition that is exclusively for CycleChat members. The winner will be chosen on Christmas Eve and the prize is a £20 Wiggle voucher.

How to enter
To enter this competition pop over to http://lucky-x.com/ and sign up for the email newsletter. On Christmas eve I'll use a fair and random method to pick a subscriber at random, and then send that subscriber a £20 Wiggle gift voucher. You can unsubscribe any time (of course) and as I'm not doing any publicity for Lucky-X until next year I'll know that everyone who signs up came via CycleChat. Once you have subscribed I'll email you once a week with the very biggest and best deals on cycling gear.

Huh? Why?
In the new year I'm re-launching my cycling discounts website http://lucky-x.com/ and I wanted to get my CycleChat friends in on the ground floor. Everyone here has been very good to me over the years!

What is http://lucky-x.com/ ?
We keep an eagle-eye on the clearance offers and really special deals offered by the main online cycling retailers, we then tweet the deals, post them to our Facebook page and (more importantly) email the deals out to our email subscribers once a week. Or at least we would if we had any email subscribers. Lucky-X used to work in a slightly different way that was focussed on writing news articles about the special offers we found, but we're changing our tactics. And that's where this competition comes in.... I need email subscribers to help me beta test the site, all you have to do is let me know if you notice something is broken! I've still got a little bit of work to do on the website, but it's only cosmetic.

In addition to reporting on the hottest deals I also arrange exclusive voucher codes and discounts with the big name retailers, deals that you simply cannot find anywhere else (like this one). What's in it for me (you may be wondering?) well the online retailers pay me a small commision for each sale that results from someone clicking a link on my site that delivers someone to their site. This is 'affiliate marketing' and makes no difference to the price anyone pays for anything.

Turbo Rider

Just can't reMember
Olla! Just a quickie Andrew - the box to subscribe doesnt say what you're supposed to put in it - I'm assuming it's meant to be email address?


Internet Marketing bod
Hi Andrew

Mis-spelt Bargains on the Latest bargains box scroll

Hope that helps
Doh! I've fixed it now.
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