I'm in the club ( metaphoricaly speaking )

Squid lips

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Today I became a member of that august and noble club "The clip less moment " :sad:
Having recently gone clip less was out on a nice evening bimble round the back lanes around kendal , a 7 ton lorry came down the lane so pulled over and then forgot to un clip and toppled in what seemed like slow motion into a hedge ,while frantically trying to free my foot ( mental note to self loosen tension on clip )
No harm done to bike or myself , I feel I can call my self a cyclist now ^_^

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Dooh !!
I went clipless three weeks ago and still waiting for the moment to come, sure it will come :rolleyes:
Glad you and bike are fine

young Ed

:thumbsup: better then falling onto road in front of said lorry!
when i started with clipless i had one tumble at the end of a strava segment i beat it along and forgot to unclip at the end, onto the tarmac road i went! :sad: had a few more were i started to fall but saved my self but that was the only real fall i had :smile: now i feel safer on clipless than i do on flat! :smile:
Cheers Ed
Although I'd had a number of "clipless moments" over the years, and prior to these new fangled clipless doohickeys had clipped-in moments too, but my best one was having taken delivery of my brand new fixie. Bought in London, where I'd never previously cycled, and only previously had one go on a fixie in rural Aberystwyth for 10 minutes some 30 years previously. What could possibly go wrong with this plan I hear you ask. Well I nearly had on "off" forgetting to keep pedalling after 50 yards from Condor's shop, then no worries all the way to Ealing where my car was parked. Getting the hang off this fixie lark, time for a track stand at the traffic lights. Hubris and Nemesis is the phrase. Motorists and pedestrians were terribly nice with "are you alright" and genuine concern as I slowly crashed to the ground. Oops!
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