I'm not recommending it mind, but...



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Whoops :smile:

ITV six minutes ago.

John the Monkey

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I've seen the adverts, it looked like one of those "riding a bike is eccentric and funny" programmes to me - will try and catch it at some point though.

(Apropos of nothing at all, I did like the bit of Hot Fuzz where the Simon Pegg character's bio mentions "advanced cycling")


I spent 20 minutes or so ignoring the storyline and trying to read the make of the bikes on the downtube before giving up altogether. I did spot Specialized on a chainstay though.


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I watched it, for a bit, just to see if they used Smith and Wesson bikes.

They did use them, I then realised I was watching ITV, jonathan ross wasn't on BBC1, then panicked and ended up watching quiz call for a bit of whorey succour


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I was watching BBC2 at the start, didnt see your post saying it was on ITV1. Thought it was strange there was some guy learning martial arts, it bored me so i went up a channel and did find Bike Squad. It wasnt bad, i watched most of it. Some bits in there were good, some were bad. Wouldnt watch it again, but it killed some time.
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