Im thinking of ditching the road and going mtb

jack smith

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ive been going mtb'ing more often on my rockhopper sport hardtail and im loving it, i think its way more challenging fun and rewarding than the road and when i ride my road now i just dont get the same "wow" factor i used to (sounds like im breaking up with a lass here lol)

Has anyone else made a similar change and regretted it or loved it ect? Id never totally give up road biking and id probably get a decent road bike when i could afford one again but im thinking after my races in the summer to tradein my cervelo for a downhill bike.


I prefer mtb but i enjoy road also..cake and eat it suits me fine
jack smith

jack smith

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Ideal garage would be cross country mtb, downhill mtb, road and cross but that wont happen for a while lol. The thing is i cant afford a decent mtb without selling the road bike so do i make the plunge or not. Another factor for me to think about is i dont drive and the nearest proper trail centre is 28 mile away at hamsterley forest so i couldnt use it properly whenever i wanted


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Mtb for a bit of fun and family rides, but it can't replace the road bike for distance and pace. 100k on the mtb on the road wouldn't be my idea of fun.


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I don't really get downhill. I find a good XC day fulfilling and enjoyable. My stable has a road bike and a hard tail MTB (and the front forks only have about 80mm travel)

However, it's not easy to get much air when you're as fat as me, so maybe that's the reason.

Keith Oates

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When I was working in Ho Chi Minh City I met up with some MTB riders and it was good fun riding with them but after a while I went back to the Roadie and I must say that is my preference but I still have a MTB and that get's ridden when I'm back in the UK.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I think many "born again" cyclists like me started back on mountain bikes for their ease of riding then got fitter and discovered road bikes, where they were pleased to find that compact gears, SIS and smooth-riding carbon frames have made road cycling much more comfortable and fun than when they may have tried it in the 70s or 80s. I don't know many who have gone the other way.


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I was in the same position a few years back. I had a hybrid and was mile munching on back roads and cycle paths.
But it all got a bit "samey" after a couple of years. So I dipped my toe into the MTB scene by buying a cheapo Trek 7400. At first I started riding round the woods near my home, and this expanded to bridlepaths in my beloved Lincolnshire wolds. I found that I liked it and bought a better MTB (Trek 8500). I still do my usual bridleways and forest tracks, but I have also been to the pines a few times and quite liked it. I also bought a carbon roadie too (hybrid is now converted into a touring bike) to add a bit more variety. As others have said, variety is the spice of life. I now ride the roadie or the MTB depending on my mood.
Similar to above posts for me.
I've bought a mtb this year, for some variety and fun. I've realised I don't enjoy the road bike in crappy weather but don't mind getting muddy. Road bike will be out when it's nice and theres no need to feel unfaithful to it. It's a bike. I'll be using both of them depending on how I'm feeling at the time. Somehow it feels a bit more 'serious' on the roadie, perhaps as it looks a bit silly sat on it in lycra and pootling along - always seem to be pushing myself when on it.

I do get the impression there are a few people drifting towards mtb away from road bikes.
I like both and think they are sufficiently different to warrant keeping a bike for each purpose.

Even living in Cumbria, I find I have to 'go somewhere' to get a good MTB ride as there isn't much off-road route choice locally. Which means sticking the bike on the car and going to the Lakes, North Pennines or nipping over the Scottish border. If I want a decent road ride, I can just start from my front door and am spoiit for choice.

The road bike gets used much more, but I still love getting out on the MTB


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Similar to @Piemaster, got a mtb 6 months ago for some variety and as I know I'm going to get dirty the weather isn't important (I hate the road when it's raining and get no enjoyment from it).

Really enjoy off road but for me it involves sticking the bike in car and a drive so still use the roadie more, mainly for fitness and convenience.

Still can't wait for the long summer road rides to some hill somewhere 50 miles from home though!


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Worthing, UK
I ride both which I thoroughly enjoy and I think it's good to mix it up a bit. Wet winters mean I can't get out on the MTB sometimes as it gets so muddy here so it's road or bust. You can get some good pace going on the road which I love but then the MTB gets you away from traffic and provides some challenging terrain. I couldn't give up one for the other.
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