I'm thinking of getting a EBC Revolution Cross 10, alternatives?


Looks like a decent buy to me. Try also the Evans and wiggle offerings at the price. £400 bikes are pretty good, they all have compromises here and there so choose the one you like best.

What should you pay for a circa £400 bike listed in EBC? The price on the sticker.


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michaelrmgreen said:
If I go with it, the RRP is 400, what should I pay? Thanks.
EBC has a sale approx every three months and take 15% off everything for a week(sometimes more off own brand stuff) - there's one due shortly, so you'd get it for £340. :tongue:


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Just been to EBC in manchester 1st time I've been there,thankfully for my credit card it was my friend buying a bike and not me:biggrin: some lurvely looking stuff in there,could have spent a fortune:tongue:
I have the 09 model. It is a little heavy, but that might be the guards and rack I put on. I am sure £400 is less than the list price mine was, although I only paid £350 in a sale.


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north east
I recently bought a revolution cross sport mainly as transport to and from work.. The route i take involves three miles on road followed by just over ten miles on an old railway line (Section of the C2C) I have been very pleased with it so far.. I was previously using a Spec Rockhopper, but find the cross sport much faster and ideal for the purpose..
Gah - even the smallest one (nominally 52cm) was far too big. I must be a dwarf! Funny, I thought I was average height (1.71m). So I'm still looking for a new bike with drops, 3x8, mudguard clearances. Ideas?


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Just wondering what's your inside leg measurement? I'm about 30inch and just a couple of cm shorter than you and was interested in getting this bike aswell. I would go and try the bike myself but it's about an hours drive to the closest EBC shop for me.

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