Improving V Brakes


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I have a came with the bike V brake set up on my bike now, and as I am getting better at riding, road-riding a lot more and generally getting faster on my bike, I am becoming more and more worried about my stopping power!

I have had a tinker with the brakes, adjusting where the pads are, the brake cable, the knob attached to the lever and the amount of springback on the brake arms, I got it a bit more responsive, but still not very good.
I have also completely cleaned the rim of my tyre too, incase of any oil or anything like that on there.

Do I want to be looking at different pads, arms, cables or lever first?
On a fair budget, so after a bargain, but not bottom of the line stuff.

Thanks for any help


It's all about setup IMO unless they are horrible plastic jobs. Will post more in the morning as it's now stupid o'clock, if I forget then PM me and I'll tell you how I set up V brakes. I can lock either wheel on dry roads, my brakes are vicious when I want them to be.


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Play about with different sets of washers so that you can play with the distance the brake pads are from the brake arms. For maximum power you want it so that when brake pads touch the rims then the brake arms are parallel to the rim and the pads are completely perpendicular to the rim.


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If the brakes are biting the rims but you are still having problem stopping, then it could be the brake pads. These (especially the salmon colour ones) are known to be amongst the best, and may be worth a try.
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