In Praise of London (Don't look if you're going to moan!)

One of the pleasures of living in the Capital is the variety of entertainment - organised or impromptu - that can be admired. Tonight after work, I walked through the Park to Trafalgar Square and heard the most beautiful music (Can't tell you what yet because I haven't looked it up!). The dancers - strong in action and body.
The Square looked great, with the Fourth plinth tinkering playing a full part.
What's more, it was a Thursday, so the National Portrait Gallery is open until 9pm - fab.







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London's a great place as long as you're not in the tube or a car!

Though my impromptu entertainment for the night was going for a walk and being yelled at by a car full of kids and then seeing a woman sitting in a pool of vomit with a broken nose!

Still, we have allsorts going on all summer, and there's more to do here than anywhere I have ever been in the UK....


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I always look forwards to a visit to London and once I'm there I always look forwards to going home.

I love the museums in London and can't get enough of them. Once they install air conditioning in the underground system I'll become a more frequent visitor.


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I was born in London and I love visiting it.... for a day or two. Then I scurry back to the peace and clean, fresh air of the North.


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I’ve only been to London twice, Australia House and Earls Court


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It must have been this ..............

Wayne McGregor's award winning ballet Chroma/Tryst/Symphony in C will be screened on 10th June 2010 at 7.30pm at Trafalgar Square and General Gordon Square, Woolwich.

I really should pay more attention to what's on , before the event !


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vernon said:
Once they install air conditioning in the underground system I'll become a more frequent visitor.
Bicycle is the best way to get around London, usually quicker than the tube too.
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