In praise of the British Seaside.



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Im from Withernsea originally and so anything from Spurn Point to Flamborough light is considered local.
The MIL had a caravan at Tunstall so I have spent a bit of time Withernsea way, Spurn Point was always a favourite, I used to cycle to the van there or back from Pontefract (sometimes both ways) Hull was always a PITA for traffic.


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Spent Saturday in Whitby too and yes the wind was blowing a right gale but a great day all round as always
But then it's North Yorkshire so want's not love any excuses to spend time exploring is fine with us.
As for Goth weekend or indeed Steam punk weekend it all add's to the fun, is harmless and part of the wider mix that makes up life.

Seaside like any other place are having a hard time many have spent big money on doing seafronts up and are trying to keep going.
Some are a bit of a dump and the traditional holiday by the sea may not be for everyone. But even now they provide the only holiday many families get. I'd have never got a holiday as a kid without it or had the memories of all the fun and looking back quality time as a family.
Skegness was my holiday as a kid for many years and always has a special place for me little did I know how special years later when I popped the question to the now Mrs73.

We've spent more days out by the sea over the summer than we have for a long time.
Even now nothing really recharges the batteries than a day out at the seaside or the coast.


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We went to Whitby once about 10 years ago for two days as a base for coastal walks to the north and to the south.

It's a nice enough seaside town, and was a spot-on base for the walks, but it's not that big and not that interesting enough to make us want to return.


I lived in St Leonards On Sea for a few years. It was an experience living by the sea but the atmosphere of small seaside holiday resorts on hard times can be oppressive. The town motto was Hastings, Talk It Up!


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I havn't been for a while but Grange Over Sands had a certain chracter the last time we visited,

Not realy a seaside town but we have had some good weekends in Liverpool, the Formby Coast and The Wirral provde the walking areas.


Broadstairs ! (Kent's answer to a Cornish fishing village)

1 hr from the M25 by car and the same by train from St Pancras or London Bridge
7 sandy bays ! (6 of which are never crowded)
Surfing at Joss Bay, Candy floss and Punch and Judy at Viking bay, Buckets and spades to Stone Bay (which does not have any stones)
If you want the Ferris wheel and Dogems and kiss me quick hats, then hop on the bus to Margate
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