In praise of wet wipes.


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I have always used rain water to clean my bike and recently someone suggested wet wipes and so I gave it a go.

What a great idea. For years I have been cutting up cloth into strips to reach those inexcessable places on the bike. Not with wet wipes. They easily get into all the nooks and crannies. They easily slide between the links on the chain and gets all the gunk out. Even when the chain looks clean.

I am sure I am the last one to try it on here. If Im not give it a go. The added advantage is that it has not shrunk my carbon bike. ^_^


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They work well for small areas...Not very friendly for the environment however as it’s estimated they will take 100 years to biodegrade...up there with plastic bottles (although these can at least be recycled if people bother to do so), plastic straws and disposable nappies as a scourge
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Reasonable environmental concerns aside, those things blow my mind. How they can be safe enough for my daughter's buttcheeks and also get a bike shiny is incredible.


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Wet wipe pollution 'changing the shape of British riverbeds'

"Wet wipes are changing the shape of British riverbeds, campaigners said after finding more than 5,000 of them alongside the Thames in an area the size of half a tennis court."
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