In what ways would you want to enhance your experience in the countryside when cycling?

Have motorist effected you in a negative way? if yes, let me know below as well please.

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Trying to kill me

How could this be prevented? Motorists driving more responsibly.


I feel there is often less space on country roads so cyclists can experience even more close passes than they would consider normal. Factor in farm traffic especially at this time of year when young inexperienced tractormen are bringing in silage for the first time and timber trucks trying to negotiate already narrow winding roads and you have a recipe for disaster. Other than that, it's marvellous.


The older I get, the faster I used to be ...
Litter and fly tipping. I haven't seen ramblers hauling old mattresses or cyclists throwing bags of building rubble into field entrances so it must be motorists.
The same thing that would improve my cycling anywhere, something that makes motorists aware of the vulnerability of cyclists, teaches them how to pass us safely, when, how far away, how quickly.


Eh up
Legal access to footpaths would be nice.
On second thoughts it wouldn't enhance my experience as I ride them anyway, but some more law abiding cyclists might gain from this.
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