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Ive just recently bought an indoor cycle trainer for my mountain bike so that I can get my exercise indoors but found it rather noisy, the advice is to change the tyre from the mountain bike to that of a road bike, but I would be wanting a choice of either option , out or in, would I be able to put a road bike tyre on a second wheel so it would be quicker to change? then there's the issue of the gears etc

I really am new to this idea, im hoping for some advice and guidance with this subject as im thinking the noise may upset the neighbours as I live in a terraced house lol

Thanks in advance people,
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if you want a quiet turbo then a turbo trainer tyre might be a better option than a road tyre. A turbo specific tyre should have greater longevity than a standard road bike tyre.

If you wanted the option of turbo tyre for indoors and MTB tyre for outside, then the easiest option is a second wheel with the turbo tyre, swapping between the two for indoors and outdoors.

If you get a second wheel then you will need a separate cassette for the wheel, unless you want to swap cassette between the wheels, which kind of negates the benefit of a second wheel.

MTB wheels can be different sizes, so you would need to buy a wheel that is the same size as you existing one.


+1 for 2rd wheel it's such a more simple option all round. I'm new to a turbo went with 2rd wheel from the start so glad I did.
Have a look on eBay you can often get one with tyre and cassette all ready to done.
Re the noise it's not too bad i think I make more when i'm going flat out on a TFP session then the trainer ever will. :laugh:
I mat under it is another thing you can try it helped with mine

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Cheap wheel with a trainer tyre on is what I use for the turbo. Then I change to rear wheel with outdoor tyre for my outdoor rides. Works fine as long as you don't want to turbo on any days you will also be riding outdoors. The latter I would consider a pain.
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