Initial Impressions of Gore Tex Oxygen 2.0


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I just picked up one of these ...|pcrid||pkw||pmt||prd|5360659538uk

This morning's 16 mile commute started out quite cold (5 degrees) and I wanted to start out with a jacket, though there was no chance of rain. I have no doubt whatsoever of the jacket's ability as a rain shield - I wanted to see what happens when I get hot and keep it on. I'm 15st 5 (down from 15 10) and my commute starts with a Cat 4 climb - guaranteed to get VERY hot quickly. One thing I want from this jacket is to not feel like I have to take it straight off as soon as the rain stops.

Happy to report I'm REALLY impressed. Ok I should be for £172, but it did live up to expectations. The venting is really well thought out - long zips on the sleeves and back mean you can get air flowing through it as you need it. I got hot, but never overheated, never felt sweat dripping down my arms, never felt the urge to stop and take the jacket off. I wore it all the way in to work and quickly forgot it was there. Excellent.

It's a lot of money, but it's a quality jacket.


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Thanks for that, really good hands on review.
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