inner tube size crossover

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Just looking at buying a pack of specialised inner tubes for 28c tires on wiggle, and there is a choice of 20-28c, and 28-38c.

I guessing that the larger size will be heavier, increasing rotating mass.

Does anyone know of any downside to getting the smaller size, or does it not make a lot of difference?
Buy the ones which fit your tyres Abi.


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The smaller ones will fit a 28c tyre if they are labelled as 20-28c. Don't get the larger ones, because they will be a lot harder to fit inside the tyres (too wide) and you'll risk puncuring/damaging them whilst fitting. A few years ago, on a ride, I 'borrowed' someone else's inner tube having already had two punctures and got through both of my spares and wondered why I had so much trouble fitting it - before I discovered that it was for 28-35c tyres. I had 28s.


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get the bigger size.

they'll be stretched less inside the outer, so if ever a thorn did go through the outer, you've got more stretch left to stretch, and a thicker wall thickness in the tube

have you weighed each one? i'll bet that there's very, very little difference in it

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