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So whats your reason for being up at 02.35am also known as the middle of the night by mothers. Main page shows there are 8 members on the forum.

Mine I have worked night shifts for 21 years and can simply not go to bed early the only exception being after a big days riding when I have been known to be tucked up in bed at 10.30pm.


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I'm about to go to work.


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I was not on the website at 2:35 yesterday, but I quite often am. I don't regularly get to sleep until about 3:30. The advice by Doctors, basically is: 'if sleeping is a regular problem, then don't bother going to bed until the time you normally go to sleep.' So, insomniacs, such as myself, just get told not to go to bed. I average about 5 hours of sleep a night, and normally a sleep on Sunday afternoons.
i think i remembered to turn of the laptop last night... but i've probably been here around that time as i dread going to bed, so often will crash out on the sofa, with all the lights, tv, heating and laptop still going. i sleep better on the sofa, although waking up to odd programmes (usually most haunted) can be disturbing.
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