Installing Bar Ends on Trek FX1


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Got a nice 2020 Trek FX1 Hybrid and having difficulty installing a bar end. Grips seem to be glued on there and won't come off. Any suggestions? Thanks. Don in SC
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Have you got a can of GT85 with the supplied straw and a small screwdriver or something similar like a skewer? if so slide the screwdriver/skewer into the gap between the grips and the bars, put the straw onto the nozzle of the GT85 can, slide the straw in alongside the screwdriver and give it a couple of quick squirts. Repeat in a couple of other places and this will quickly free off the grips.


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I use a heavy-duty cable tie rather than a screwdriver (can scratch handlebars) & squirt some isopropyl in between, they will twist off easily & the Isopropyl will evaporate very quickly.
Even better if you have an air compressor, just blow them off... :okay:
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