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Hello there,

Very new to all this so please forgive my ignorance.

I have just bought a new bike through a ride to work scheme.

On the spec it stated that my bike has an integrated lights system but the bike has no lights?

Can anybody explain this to me? It is a Specialized Source Hybrid.




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I see that it's listed on Evans as having integrated lights (although none are visible in the picture).
Have you asked the retailer why it doesn't match the item description? The absence of integrated lights is not a minor omission.

Some confusion often exists with specifications.... firstly they can change, but also it depends where the spec comes from. A German Spec may be different form the UK one.

Looked on the Specialized site and the overview lists lights, but the specs for the individual models don't. Those that are specced have a dynamo hub and LED lights of various descriptions

This is the UK page

This is the US page

Even bearing that in mind.... if you were told that the bike had a lighting system and it hasn't you need to go back to the shop and ask them why
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I think they're talking about the wiring and/or wiring routing on that bike. The frame is equipped with a little hole behind the head tube with a rubber grommet and a similar one somewhere at the back for a wire that runs from an optional front dynamo hub to the two optional lights. I once set one of these up for a customer and there were some options vis a vie the hub and lights. However, the frame was light-ready if you like. The option with the dynamo and lights fitted is quite a bit more expensive.


According to Evans spec:
"Fully equipped with integrated racks, fenders, and a lighting system"
According to Evans Q&A
"Q. Does the Source really have an "integrated lighting system"? I can't find any details on it on the Specialized website or see any evidence of one on the pictures. If so, please can you give more details. Thanks
A. It comes with a rear reflector that can be removed and replace with a Busch & Müller: TOPLIGHT Mini. You would also be required to fit a dynamo hub for these lights to work."

So it should but it doesn't.
You should fit one, when it comes to commuter lighting, modern dynamo-hub systems are the best.


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Thanks for the replies.

The description is misleading I think so I will speak to Evans about it.

I will also look at adding a dyno-hub system.
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