International Energy Agency (IEA) argues for pro-cycling measures

I would love to be able to say , yes, but sadly,Little to no chance i would think

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Here's the actual plan, to augment the OP (Sky's reporting):
Isn't the government, national and local, actively supporting some of these recommendations? So to answer the OP: every chance.
Nice picture of cyclists seemingly obstructing (aka cycling on) a three lane urban road.
For cities there are air quality targets/thresholds to be met which could reinforce the benefits of some of these recommendations.
Counterintuitively dropping vehicle NSL to (say) 60mph would allow more vehicles to arrive at their destination per hour. [citation required]




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I think the car free sundays was talked about a while back around the time the UK was coming out of the first lockdown because so many people had taken up cycling during lockdown.

I distinctly remember saying it would be great if they were to have a day or two in a month where the city was car free (with the exception of public transport because people do need to get to work and stuff) so that people felt more encouraged to go out on their bikes and explore the city by bicycle. I dont think anything ever came of it though but thats what tends to happen in politics.


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A proposal to close one street in Newcastle City Centre to traffic to encourage walking & cycling.
It would mean that you wouldn't have to have eyes in the back of your head to cross from one shop to another. There were 287 objections to the plan and 276 letters of support. I suppose the figures aren't bad given that people are more likely to complain about things than praise them.

They have already closed this street to traffic over the summer for a few years so people are aware of how it might work. I think a lot of the complaints come from the bus company.
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Our whole bunch of politicians will only do anything if there is a buck in it for them these days sadly. All perfectly great ideas used in many places around the world with great success. UK sadly has a driving lobby that will scream their little hearts out should anyone try and while the mobile lounge is king it won't happen.

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Bogota had this on certain Sundays every month. Very popular. They also have a city that is horrendous up travel through. The rich have their solution. A helicopter taxi service operates across the city. Doesn't help the single mum travelling at least 3 hours cross city using 3 or 4 different buses which mostly sits in traffic for a low paid job that isn't available to her nearer to where she lives. Other people in similar straits without the money for helicopter taxis.
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