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Dublin Ireland
Cant find it anywhere else!
Irish/Brit living in the Irish republic with 50/50 Irish family so i guess im European!!!

I have a cheap mountain bike in the shed i pull out every summer and relive my youth, otherwise im a Bus Driver in my spare time!! (Boo Boo!)

I dont have pet hates with other road users as life is too damn short.

Internet = quality time, for me fun.:evil:
'ello 'ello and welcome.

you ever thought about pulling your mtb out in winter, and getting so muddy you discover grit in places you never knew you had? Its a right old laugh, and well worth it.


Hello SickCert and welcome ;).

Very good point about life being too short.

Cycling = quality time, for me fun. :evil:


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hello SickCert, pull up a seat and make yourself at home:smile: Post away to your hearts' content.Agree , good and bad road users in all forms of transport.


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I like bus drivers.


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Greetings, All,

First post for me. I live in the USA, and am mainly a commuter cyclist. I'm certainly enjoying reading your posts, and see that you have many of the same auto traffic concerns that we have. I'm watching for any advice on city commuting, cold/wet weather, bike repair, etc. Great Board!

Hi Sickcert,

Glad you made it over (and you are little more congenial than a particular paramedic).

As Jacomus said, why not give the bike a dusting off and try it over the winter. Getting mucky is half the fun (that happens to me just on the roads!)

Hi also to Joe. Where about in the USA are you. Obviously somewhere where you have cold and rain then ;)

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