iPhone Photo-Albums

Yesterday, I received a new 'SE' model
(due to damage to my 7 -8 year old 4S)

Now, whilst I have a technology capable 19 year old daughter to set it up for me, she's not certain on other points

With that, I'll throw it open to the audience

Can I download photographs from my old 4s, to my laptop

Can I then, upload them to the 'SE'

Do I need to do anything, download a programme
If so, can anyone suggest one, please??

She has mentioned 'the cloud'.....:huh:

Thanks in advance


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The iCloud is worth using, even if only for transferring or syncing contacts. I have mine syncing between Iphone and iPad, and very useful last time I replaced the phone. Also works if you think a phone reset might be a good thing.
Logging into my iCloud I see a number of uploaded photos, so I suppose they sync between devices as well.
But as you can probably tell, I’m not a big cloud user. But love my iDevices.


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If you've signed in to your iPhone account with your id everything on your old phone including photos will automatically download to your new device. This usually takes some time but it will all come eventually. Apps will also come.
If you want to transfer your photos to your windows computer connect your phone the computer using the apple data/charging cable. You'll need to download iTunes to your computer first so it can identify your Apple account. Your phone will show as a storage device, this may take some time.
When it shows on your computer simply open the files and transfer them.
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When I got my new iPhone I followed the instructions to swap over.

Including some sort of swirly bar code thing as ID, put the phones side by side, came back after a cup of tea end everything was on my new iPhone.


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Yes you can but only via Icloud.

Set up Icloud and it's done automatically. I did this last year when I bought a new Iphone 11 (as I dropped a dumbell on my iPhone 7 in the gym and bent it as well as smashing it) and a Macbook Pro.
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