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It’s a new SE model

Over the past week or so, thescreen brightness has been changing without my altering anything
When l slide it back up in ‘display brightness’, it might be at about a 1/3rd
I haven’t changed anything, as far as l know

Suggestions please?
Is there a auto brightness setting on it ? My kids turned it off on my phone for me.Worth having a look.
When you scroll up to view this...View attachment 586387

Press & hold the brightness to show...
View attachment 586386

Make sure the ‘True Tone’ is off.
Hope that helps

All 3 are 'off', when I opened it


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It is most likely auto brightness which is an accessibility option, not in the display settings.
Got to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Auto-Brightness

If on it adjusts to background light.
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