Is 60 miles for a newbie possible?


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I am wondering if I should sign up to do a 60 mile sponsored ride - 7th of September.

A little about myself, I started cycling in January at the age of 44 and am really enjoying it. (I ride off road on sustran routes and canal tow-paths mainly)

My first ride was only 4 miles and I gradually built up over the next month and a half to 14 miles. I now cycle twice a week, mid week always 14 miles (flat sustrans route) but recently have in taking a 0.5 mile 12% hill along the route. Saturdays when time allows I have been covering more distance so far 4 20 miles, 1 30 miles and this weekend a 34.7 mile.

I have learnt a lot from lurking on this forum, so far I have not over stretched myself.

I get off the bike now after 14 miles and it feels like I have not even been out. This Saturdays ride of 34.7 was more tricky with rougher terrain in places and a lot more hills than I am used to. I was feeling a little fatigued towards the end.

Some stasts from my trip computer
Average between 8-9mph when moving
the 30 mile run took 4 hours including rest breaks
the 34.7 mile run took 4h20 including rest breaks

I am guessing if a lot of the sponsored run is on tarmac it will make my life easier.

Do I just keep on upping my distance every other week by five miles?

Advice welcome

Thanks Taff

PS the good news is I have lost a stone in weight this year


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At the rate you are improving, I think you should be ok but suggest you fit some planned rest breaks into the 60 miler.
Maybe a 10 minute break every 10 miles? Definitely try to take a break before you feel you need to stop.
Good luck!


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You will be absolutely fine. I was ten years older than you when I took up cycling three and a bit years ago. I was spectacularly unfit too, but not too overweight. I started in March and commuted ten miles a day. In August, I went on holiday for three weeks and did very little riding. In September I did a twenty mile charidee ride. Three weeks later, and with no training at all, I did a sixty, solo.

Have fun!


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What they said, really. 40 miles of trails on knobblies is possibly harder than 60 miles of road with slicks. You may find tyre choice (and the associated £60 bill) sorts you totally. Of course, far harder is not following up the experiment by adding a new bike to your stable. I went for a ride once. Now i've got four exotiques to choosefrom ;)


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I'll second the above.... that's a deffo !


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As others have already said, you'll be fine by then.. Easy. Just make sure you work hard until then, it's a lot about making sure of bike setup is good as anything else. Also start to learn about nutrition in ride. Anything more than a couple hours will see you heading towards bonking. Try some things out.


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Take the positives from every one "you can do it" review your hydration,and fuel for ride,look at bike maintanance,look all around bike ,ensure you are up to date with IA roadside repairs,looking at you bike tool kit,
Get some rest And eat well the week before,keep positive And you will be fine


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You will need plenty of fluids, is there a refilling station part-way and some food over that distance.

I would echo comments about building up to the 60 miles before the event in increments.


If you think you can do it then you can PMT (positive mental thinking). Last year I did my first 56 miles challenge and it was great. There will be tons of people there and the energy will keep you going. I use the iso tonic gels which stopped the fatigue.


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Just make sure you take it slow and easy in the first 20% of the route. It can really mess you up if you start off too quick without warming up.
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