Is a 40G download allowance a lot?


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Hi, am thinking about changing phone and broadand to talk talk as it will be quicker and cheaper than the sky/bt combo i have at the moment.

Only query is that the broadband comes with a 40g allowance is that much? We use the internet evry day, just for browsing websites really. Download the odd album, and look at u tube. etc. We skype occasionally but have an au pair starting this week who may use it a bit more and probably for video calls.

The kids play on club penguin etc a bit.

will 40g be plenty for us?

Thanks andy


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In a word yes.
Unless you are downloading a lot of pirated material then 40 gig should see you through a month with plenty to spare.
As an example an average album is 100mb, an Xvid movie is 0.7 to 1.4 Gig and a dvdr movie is 4.4 gig.
Should be. We have a 20G allowance , when I'm working away we use about 1/2 of it, when at home all of it. Includes xbox live, CC (of course) and youtube
In perspective, this laptop (about 7 years old) has a 40G hard disc


Damn, due to a configuration change, I lost all my bandwidth logs. I only have logs since 11th of April:

Download : 51,879.197 Mb (51.8 Gb)
Upload : 20,765.820 Mb (20.7 Gb)

But it all depends on what you use it for. I transfer a lot of data to and from work, use VPN and download games from Steam (Before someone comes in here and blames ThePirateBay! :becool:).


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I'm on the internet about 8 hours a day, 7 days a week apart from the odd times when I do a day-long ride. I probably watch about 30 minutes of YouTube videos a day but don't download movies or music or play online games. I typically get through 9-11 GB/month.

I went through a spell of watching Hill Street Blues on 4OD and that was coming out at about 0.8 GB/episode but I did that after midnight when my broadband is unmetered.


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It's a lot but not impossible to use up for legitimate usage. To use it you'll need to do things like using e-delivery of software (this & updates have accounted for almost 25GB of downloads this month alone)


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tx guys sounds fine.

btw, anyone use talk talk? any good?
GrasB said:
kind of... no limits per-se but you do get bandwidth throttling if you go over certain transfer limits.

at certain times of day only. If, like I, you schedule your larger downloads to run over night then you avoid all of the throttling.

Although I am unlikely to 'beat' 160gb a month, I have managed to getwant 36gb in less than 24hours before.

40gb a month is quite a lot for the (above) average user though.


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Remember to factor in your use of the BBC iPlayer / 4OD and any internet radios you might have in the house, plus any online gaming you do.

I prefer unlimited / uncapped use, so I pay a little more for Be* Unlimited.


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Sky is about the best. Unlimited and unmetered/unthrottled bandwidth for £10 a month.

I can, and do, easily get through 60Gb a month or more but then there are five of us. Online gaming, endless use of iPlayer, endless uploading of pics to Facebook and videos to Youtube, , endless watching of Youtube videos, much downloading of (legitimate) software, especially Linux discs and also MS stuff downloaded on my employers licensing agreement, etc, etc. It soon gets eaten up.

Anyways, I prefer not to have to think about it and for £10 a month for Sky BB why would you go anywhere else? Who else is as cheap, even for capped usage?
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