Is a dri-wool jersey good enough for an efficient sweater?


North Hampshire

I am..shall we efficient sweater. I sweat like the proverbial. And need a new jersey for when it gets warmer and ideally like things that look and feel good as well as doing a good technical job.

I've been looking at these jerseys from Shutt VR - British made which is nice - and really like them but what do people think of sport wool / Dri-wool as a fabric for those of us who can feel like we are in a sauna when on the bike? Will it do a good job or just help me lose recently gained weight ?


It's blended so shouldn't be any problem at all - I've got a smartwool jersey and a 100% merino. The smartwool drys/wicks/evaporates sweat much quicker IME. I'm a heavy sweater too. I think the only time I wouldn't wear the smartwool would be in 30+ degree heat of the type you get on the continent, but lets face it we don't get much of that here.

Fiona N

I'd agree with GrahamG - for heavier weight i.e. jersey rather than base layer, I'd probably prefer a smartwool version as they seem to hold less moisture and dry quicker. But for a fine base layer, I prefer a pure merino version as I find them more comfortable and less clingy when damp. The fine weave means they dry sufficiently quickly there's no practical difference to the smartwool.
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