Is a skip in a bike lane ever ok?


Wouldn't work round here for much the same reason @SkipdiverJohn got his name. :laugh:

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They were updating cycling facilities here in Bristol the other year, just a wee bit of resurfacing etc. A simple job, welfare provision for the work force could have just been a portaloo, city centre location, toilets in nearby market (2 mins walk in St Nicholas Market), plenty of cafes around etc.

So what did they decide to do for welfare provision?.

Put a Groundhog type of tow-able unit....slap bang in the middle of a segregated cycle lane, blocking it entirely:wacko:.


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That's just a flimsy painted timber box, it offers no security, what is the point?
It's a stunt by ETA on behalf of environmentally friendly modes of transport.
They also have an inflatable zebra crossing which can be erected to temporarily demonstrate the need for a zebra crossing at locations where more conventional calls for a crossing have fallen on deaf ears.
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