Is anyone having a flutter on the Grand National?

Craig the cyclist

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Not so easy this year, you have to have an account at somewhere or other!

Still Ladbrokes was quite easy.

£2 e/w on Taking Risks and Canelo, then £1 e/w on The Long Mile

Anyone else having a bet?


Not me. When I was a lad, my Dad used to do the Grand National each year and me and my siblings all choose a horse. I chose Merryman II and to my delight it won! I doubt if the winnings were more than 5/- and I've never been that lucky again. Since then, have rarely dabbled, except for the traditional sweepstakes at work.

Good luck to anybody doing it.


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Yep...I've got a quid on Jet. My husband went through all the fancy names, none appealed, all sounded silly - except Jett, a good solid horse's name.
Come on Jett.

I very nearly won £100 on the GN in 2009. I was newly pregnant and very excited and there was a horse called Mon Mome - my kid in French. On went my £1 at 100/1. The flipping horse went and won. Triumphant, we went online to claim our prize only to find my husband hadn't pressed 'confirm'. Sigh.


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When I were a lad and frequenting a drinking establishment, 10 or so of us got together and put 50p each way on every horse. Obviously we picked the winner but whatever it was came in at long odds as did 2nd and third. We walked away with about a fiver each. Not life changing, but at least we backed the winner. Wish I could remember what it was called.


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Costa Clyde.
For the first time in many years (apart from 2020 obviously) I won't have a betting interest in the race, basically because I CBA'd to set up an account for one race. I don't normally bet.

For that reason, I can guarantee that one of the horses which I WOULD normally have placed a bet on will win the race! So get your life savings out now, and put it on either Discorama or Kimberlite Candy. I'll be back about 5.30 to tell you all "I told you so!"

Edit.... Forget above advice. I opened an account and placed bets on both above horses. Obviously, the pair of donkeys will be non finishers now.....
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