Is Boardman SLR 8.6 worth the price tag ?


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Hi all

I previously posted about Boardman carbon road bike, unfortunately, I waited one day too long and missed out on it :sad: very gutted.

I now found this one with the discount It would cost me £440.

Unless I find another gem bike, anything decent for under £600.
Otherwise, this will be the one.

What are your thoughts?

Keeping in mind this was my previous bike:

Which served me well. I feel like both of these bikes are on par with each other meaning I wouldn't really want to buy a similar bike that I owned previously.


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What happened to the Cannondale?

Have you looked at second hand bikes?

This is a better spec groupset wise than the Boardman if wanting new


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I did tell you to get your skates on with the Boardman but never mind.
As suggested above the Triban would be the best buy but get the one with discs.


There's was a decent bike from planet x for under 500 quid recently.Personally speaking I've allways bought second hand.Same as cars I guess ! A latest bike I bought had hardly been rode.


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Decided not to buy it. Apparently, the rims are tubeless ready therefore making a pain in the butt to take off if a puncture occurred. Basically, I'd have to buy new wheels right away and I don't want to go tubeless.
I have been monitoring eBay and Gumtree but nothing decent and if I do find a good deal it's too small for me :sad:.
I will keep waiting until something comes but I do want to buy something by the end of April.


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Cheers roadrash I'll sort you a commission :laugh:

The bike I'm selling is great for the price but if you really want a new bike then it's a btwin from decathlon in my humble opinion. I cant think of anywhere that does better value bikes pound for pound and if you have a problem you can take it back in rather than buying online. And no I don't work at decathlon!!!!!!!!

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