Is it actually possible to get a good nights sleep.......

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New Member a tent???

I slept out in the tent again last night...or rather I didn't sleep in the tent last night:sad:

No matter what i do or how tired I am all I end up doing is staying awake until dawn then I get about 30 minutes kip and I'm awake again. It's a concern because it's wiping out the next days cycling.

Last night I had my new Alpkit inflatable mat...better but still no I added the blacks mat under it...still no sleep....the sleep bag is a blacks xxl so i can stick my feet out the bottom...but it's not available in a down bag version so I find the man made fibres hot and slippery and sweaty.

The pillow is my stuff sack full of the clothes I'll be carrying...but it's not ideal.

Last night was hot mind...I slept with the door open to get some's amazing how noisey the night is around here...specially traffic noise.

Do you get used to sleeping in a tent eventually?? Otherwise I think I may have to resort to some sleeping pills.


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At festivals I generally have an inflatable mattress, sleep mask and ear plugs and get a decent enough nights sleep. You wouldn't really be able to take an inflatable mattress with you when cycle touring though.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Try not to use the sleeping pills, Bigfella, that will not do you any good in the long term. It's a long time since I slept in a tent but after a few consecutive nights you will settle down to it okay, or at least I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't normally have much problem after the 2nd night. Most of my camping has been by motorbike so I always have ear plugs ready to use. Some years ago I paid an excessive amount to have 'made to measure' ear plugs produced - brilliant.


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You are clearly not cycling far enough during the day. :rolleyes:
I have never had problems with sleeping in a tent except in the northern latitudes when it does not get dark. A day of fresh air and exercise should have you sound asleep in no time at all.:blush:


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Yes, but I think you need to get used to it. It's a good idea to travel with earplugs as some campsites have all-night discos. I'm ok with chiming clocks and church bells but not discos.
Earplugs and eyemasks are essential, as is being completely exhausted. If you really want to try taking pills stick to herbal stuff. Valerian extract is excellent and works for me every time I need to sleep. You can get this from Holland and Barrett. Prescribed sleeping pills are horrible things - I've taken them once, and will never ever take them again.


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Think the main thing is just getting used to it. First few days in a tent you don't sleep that well and always wake up early. But after a week or so you find it just as comfortable as your bed. Years ago in the fifth week or so of a tour in France and after a particularly tough stage the day before my mucker and I were woken up at 11.00am by a gendarme checking passports on the campsite. By that time the tent was in full sun and blindingly hot - but we were both still out for the count.


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I can't get to sleep without a good pillow. Otherwise a good days cycling and either a couple of pints or a mug of Horrlicks and I'm out like a light.
I find it more of a problem staying asleep, I often wake up too warm or cold and then can't get back to sleep. I'm experimenting with different bedding to try and get this right. And experimenting is the only way, you don't know yet, by the third night you might be wondering what the problem was.


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Ditto about the pillow. I couldn't get on with the clothes stuffed in a bag approach, I ended up getting one of these microbead pillow things. They're a bit bulky but very light, I sleep like a baby.


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Cathryn said:
Red wine!! Half a bottle an hour before bedtime!! That'll sort you out!!

Then the remaining half a bottle half an hour before bedtime!!

By the way.. An entire glass of red wine spilled over an Alpkit Airic leaves no discernible stain if you mop it off roughly before falling asleep. Astonishing.
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