Is it harassment by cyclist ???


No you're not in the wrong he is you get idiots in all things he just happens to be on bike.
As cyclists we love seeing someone learning how to ride it's how it all starts after all. Many of use if we'd been following on a bike would have had a word or two to say to him.If it's the same bloke at the same time I'd be having a word or time it right so you and your her can enjoy the time together. If you can practice at a park or something maybe that's worth a go as you don't want some loon putting her off going out.
Is he a neighbour or just pass though? If he is local then a friendly word from police will help.
Keep us informed of how you get on and if you need any help or advice helping her to get use to things.
We are a friendly bunch and always willing to help.

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All of you thank you very much, I didnt have a reponse for some time so thought I am not getting one. I really appreciate responses from all of you.

Why has everyone assumed its man, its actually a woman :biggrin:

It has actually scared my girl, I really have to encourage and convince her that we are in our right and that person is silly.

The trouble is that she would not stop to have a conversation, and I do not know where she lives, I think a few streets down. Next time i think instead of stooping to her level of foul mouthing I should run after her and have a conversation with her when she stops and if that doesnt get anywhere seek help from the men in blue.

Once agin a big thanks to you all


She might be trying to get a best time on a Strava segment, if that is the case, install Strava on your phone and record your movements as mine often shows me fly-bys of other Strava users who passed at different points on my ride. That would then tell you who it is and would allow you to send them a message to calmly explain what they are doing is upsetting your child.

Of course they might not be on Strava but might be worth a try?!


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I had a similar issue, I was on a small road farm track, I have seen a car once in all the times I used it, when the farmer allowed people to use it.

I had my little girl on her balance bike, and saw an approaching cyclist so I ushered my little one to the side, and gestured the guy on the bike to slow so I could move her to the edge I spoke loudly to my daughter and my voice carries, but no he tried to thread his bike between myself and child, totally douche move, he ended on the verge he had flat shoes but didn't put his foot down and rather dramatically fell over then threw his bike at me narrowly missing my child.

Now this totally made me mad and as his riding buddy came along and said you better move along, in all honesty he is lucky I didn't force feed him the bike.

A few days later by chance his buddy saw me in my front garden and said the bike was damaged and he needed a replacement shifter, I said sorry throw your bike like that then things break, his response was so you wont pay? lol I also said I had a shifter for sale but not to him.

So douche bags are in every walk of life, sad fact is the farmer witnessed this incident and has barred adult cyclists from using this track now, it's his and private land so his choice, but he does allow under 18's to use it.

I have also seen this same rider when I'm out, overtaking other cyclists very wide when there is on-coming traffic and he never stops at red lights, he is pretty much the epitome of a cyclist that gives us a bad name.
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