Is my road positioning safe please?


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Salford, UK
Joe24 said:
At the top of my road when its rush hour its better to go left sometimes and turn right into a car park and rejoin the traffic.
Oh yes, that's fair enough, that happens to my Mum, and to me coming home from the allotment. But I don't think I'd plan a route just to avoid right turns, on a bike or in car, I'd just take action as needed. Especially on a bike, you can often hop off and use a pedestrian crossing or something...

Sorry, this is straying off Charlotte's situation. I'm not sure if I remember right, but I think when Charlotte first arrived, she was asking about riding from home in a village into town and back (tell me if I'm wrong Charlotte!), so she may not have much choice of routes. Best to be mentally equipped for anything, than to alter a route to avoid a situation...
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