is there a way to find your posts in a thread


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on some of the long running ones for example, where one may have originally posted quite some time ago and forgotten the nugget of wisdom they imparted to the masses :whistle:

Is there a way in that thread or via user profile to 1-click something and be taken to any contributions in a particular thread to refresh your memory before posting again, in case you say the same thing again?

Bone idleness prevents me trying to scroll through hundreds of pages of a thread or dozens of pages of your content looking for the odd post or two I'm after.


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Clicking on your username after clicking on forums, user albums or members (next to your avatar not on the blue bar next to inbox) then clicking the postings tab shows all your postings. I'm not sure if there's a better way or a way to filter them. You can also search for them putting only your username in the "posted by member" box.


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enter [thread title] [username] [key phrase] into google and you should get some relevant results (delete the square brackets and replace the text with the relevant details).
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