Is this acceptable - building waste


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Bob the idiot builder has started yet another extension. There is no planning permission for this one. He's pulled down the conservatory.

Do I put up with this or let the council know - it's shared land after the tree near the lamp post, not his garden. He's been told to move stuff before fly tipping building materials here.



Report all of it - the fly tipping and the improper demolition and lack of planning permission for building an extension.

Especially if he's done it before.
He's an idiot, report it.

God knows what he is thinking.....
a, he's already been in trouble for dumping on that ground.
b, he has a perfectly good driveway he could be filling and park on the road, therefore avoiding the issue.
c, just get a skip and fill it as you go, not handling all that material twice then (presumably by hand too?).


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There have been some fairly radical changes to permitted development rights in relation to residential extensions in the last couple of years so he may not need planning. That is not to say he doesn't need to comply with health and safety and building regs.


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Ask them what their policy is over leaving building waste on th e highway,bet he gets a shock,phone in,it will be there months.


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Grass him up. He deserves it for being too tight/disorganized to arrange a skip with the necessary highway permit.

While you're at it grass him up to planning for having a shed in the front garden.


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South Manchester
The council were out like a shot last time - caught his wife and had words - it was promptly removed. He actually had a skip there last week, but full of household waste and stuff from 'other clients' - I've logged it with fly tipping as it's getting excessive - growing daily.
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