Is this cassette worn?


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Hi folks,

Got an old Cannondale Sora 8 that is functioning as my trainer bike. Was second hand, is currently shifting well, and when putting power down I've not had any skipping, but I've noticed the chain is definitely in need of a change. I'm a complete novice at servicing though, and was wondering if my cassette is worn beyond use? I believe it's SRAM 12-26T. I thought the side facing the camera could be worn, but even in pictures of new cassettes of the same model it looks similar.

Thanks, and sorry for the poor pictures.


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Can’t really tell from looking but if you’re changing the chain you may as well do the cassette too considering the small extra cost.

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As @Cycleops says, a normal person can't tell whether a cassette is worn by inspection.
If you think the chain is elongated "definitely in need of a change" then the cassette will need replacing at the same time. However if it's not slipping I'd procure a (6-8sp SRAM) chain and cassette ready and then ride on till the chain slips (especially since an 8 speed). Then replace. What are those fetching reddish bits on the sprockets? Was the cassette orange anodised when new?
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As above... ☝ the way to tell is either wear on the pick-up ramps or "Shark Finning" where the leading edge of teeth will start to curve inwards, like a sharks fin!
Also looking at the state of yours it appears to have rust on it? :rolleyes:
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