IT band pain - Anyone give me any good news?



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If I put my foot flat the tibia rotates inwards as the arch collapses and this puts the knee joint in an unnatural position and pressure on the outer area where the ITB is. I'd have thought it made no difference when cycling myself as you say but it seems to. Stopping this rotation is my best hope. So far!
Well that and not trying to ride too far too soon....


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Glad I found this thread, I knew there had been a thread recently so didnt want to go making a new one.

I highly expect I have ITB syndrome, in the past as in all through school I had extreme overpronation in my feet (inside of shoes wear down to form a drastic slope) and my toes would point inward rather than outward or directly ahead. This is a typical cause for ITB syndrome.

Over the years this has somewhat been relieved (my shoes still wear on the inside but my feet no longer point inwards, through consious effort not to for a long period of time) but I found that running, even on a treadmill, my knee would have a strange pain along the outside of my leg, this was a strange to describe pain, something in between an ache and a sharp pain.

It does not occur when I ride my bike (and I do not use cleats most of the time so I dont think its a cycling issue). Recently I have been okay running, putting in 10-15 miles a week and lots of walking. This saturday I had my gait assesed by sweatshop, they were excellent, no presure to buy at all and lots of advice and help etc and as expected I still over pronate (as evidenced not only on the gait assesment but the state of my current daytime shoes), however it was more drastic than expected, my right leg worse than the left (suspect this is due to a fracture in this ankle in my teens, however the knee pain is in the opposing knee). I got a pair of running shoes that correct both feet pretty much perfectly.

However, having put in about 8 miles of running this week, this morning I had to ditch my training after 1.5km due to the pain. Worse than it has been previously, even if I was stupid enought to try I would have been unable to run through the pain. So I walked home very angry!

Since some of you guys have experience with this, do you think the sudden pain again may be the change of shoes, as in changing from normal flat trainers to running shoes with over pronation correction and gel support? Should I just back off to let myself adjust? Buy correction inner soles for all of my other shoes?

I have been reading up on the symptoms, the causes, and the solutions. Its almost certainly this syndrome (I am going to get an opinion by a doctor whom I know and see almost daily, lucky me eh) so any intermediatery advice would be great!

Im really annoyed that its going to slow me down, I had plans of defeating an overly cocky friend in a 5k race on saturday morning, hopefully I have caught it early enough that a couple of days rest and a knee brace should at least let me race this weekend.
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