It is falling off slowly.


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When i tried on the new jersey.I found it a little tight around the stomach area.Now considering i ordered xl .The next size is xxl 48-50.I thought that is it.So two weeks ago ,cut down on choc,beer,changed from white to wholemeal bread only two slices with cereal for breakfast.And no eating biscuits by the handful with every cuppa.And no late night bowls of cornflakes and toast.Biggest pass no full fryup when out on bike rides.The healthy option.Already can see a difference and have lost that tired sluggish feeling after cakes and biscuits.Best thing is you can still have a little treat now and again.So going to keep it up for the next three months and see what happens.


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Last summer I was looking a bit lardy.....hence re-commencing commuting by 2 stone lighter and fit comfortably in all my old kit without looking like a lard arse..... only issue is that most of my clothes didn't fit - lost 4 inches off the waist - hence new wardrobe....
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