It looks so odd!

Ste T.

My commute is seven miles each way and 1/3 of it off road, so I was happy to leave on the 1.95 Knobblies that came with my spesh hardrock comp.
However as times gone by I've had a yearning for something a bit slicker and less roll resistant to help with the tarmac. So I see 1.5 nimbus armadillos and matching tubes nearly half price at Evans and take the plunge. New tyres fitted, yesterday was my first run.
Quite a difference, much better on the roads but less grippy cornering on gravel tracks (nearly came off the first bend.) Over all though, a good trade off. And a big bonus , much longer free wheeling when I lift the power off. The strangest part is ( I know this is going to make me look really shallow ) my bike looks a bit odd. It's like a body builder has had a catwalk models legs graffted on. I suppose I'll get use to them. I'll have to, the buggers can't go back! :smile:
Anybody else found this?


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You get used to it very quickly.

I've just recently fitted the chunky tyres back onto my MTB and it looks strange again! :smile:


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Yup, I know what you mean, I fitted Schwalbe City Jets to Helen's bike and my old bike... They do look a bit odd but are a bit better for road use
Ste T.

Ste T.

I wouldn't say struggle. That would imply some sort of speed was involved and yesterday I drafted a milkfloat....just.


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They do look odd - I put Hutchinson 1.2" tyres on my MTB for 12 months - frightening to look at - huge gaps to the mudguards, although the tyres were so fast it made up for it.


I've put 1" (specialized something or the other) tyres on my old MTB. Now it looks like a kiddies bike:laugh:
Also had to get short cranks because of ground clearance issues. Goes fast though!


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Conti UltraGatorskins 1.125"


Jimbo - that's a big lip you've got at the bottom of your front mudguard.

Did it come with it or did you make yourself?

mark i

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I commute on a mountain bike with Conti ultra gatorskins too. As a poster above said looks odd initially. When I put the knobbly tyres on again in the winter for the snow, and looked odd again, kind of unweildy. Also v slow!


Ste T - think of it as a bearded bloke that you've known for some time, and who one day, turns up clean shaven.

After the intial shock, you'll get used to it before it becomes the norm.


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In the days of rigid fork MTBs it was a good idea not to go too narrow when choosing road tyres. 559 wheels, thick forks and dead straight bars that were then in fashion made 1.25" slicks a teeth rattling experience.

Still reckon 1.5 is a good compromise.
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