It was hard going on the bike today

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by johnnyb47, 10 Mar 2019.

  1. johnnyb47

    johnnyb47 Über Member

    Wow, i don't think I've ever cycled in such high winds as i did today. All was well when i set off, but on the return part of my ride the wind really picked up leaving me struggling in the granny gear. I managed to do 67 miles today but its really taken it out of me. At one point i started considering whether i should give up as the bike was starting to feel really unstable on the open road, but i stuck with it and just took it very steady. The first chance i got, i turned off the main road and headed down some lanes hoping the high hedges would give my some protection from the gales. That was a mistake in it self. The lane turned into a mass of potholes and was seriously flooded every few hundred of metres...
    Also some jokers had moved all the road signs around on the poles which it turn got me hopelessly lost. Luckily after asking a friendly local for some directions i soon got back on track and in familiar surroundings.
    As bad as it was though, I'm sitting here with a beer, feeling absolutely knackered ,but I'm looking back on it as great adventure, and strangely feeling that i enjoyed it. I don't think I would attempt to ride 70 odd miles again though if the winds were that bad again.
    Anyway i Hope your all well and that you're cycling (if any) was more successful than mine today :=)))
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  2. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    There the rides you remember . Strong gusty winds are for me the worst possible conditions you can face . I did just an hour this morning due to the conditions . Respect to you on your mileage :notworthy:
  3. Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

    Well done to you on the miles in such a storm like today's!
    I only did the work commute, was very lucky: I set off very early this morning during the calm before the storm, it unleashed just after starting my shift.
    By the time I left work it was all finished, hardly got wet.
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  4. OP

    johnnyb47 Über Member

    I think I'll pay for it in the morning with seized up knee's :bicycle:
  5. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Full stretching, a hot bath and ice the knees
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  6. OP

    johnnyb47 Über Member

  7. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    WD40, applied before going to bed.
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  8. Saturday was the worst day wind wise here with 33mph steady and 52mph gusts. I've cycled in worse but was oddly blown about more (or at least it felt like it ) which really freaked me out so I lay in this morning. Which is probably why I am still awake to type.
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  9. Reiver

    Reiver Ribbit, Ribbit.

    Definitely something special about wild days, I just love them. Traffic is a worry though in that you don'r hear them coming, and you have to be careful with high hedges that give shelter - there is always a gateway with the wind whistling thru that can take you sideways by a few feet, not good if something is passing.

    Used to do a lot of hillwalking - wild days in the hills is where its at, big gusts in the countryside just last a few seconds, but at munro height they can last a minute or two, you have to lie on the ground till they pass, can seem like an eternity - just awesome, really really really awesome. Just love the wind
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  10. There is an ongoing ultra distance race going on at the moment. Hamburg to the top of Denmark and back to Hamburg.

    Saturday was awful in Denmark. Gales, sleet, torrential rain, freezing cold. Sunday was brighter but cold with high winds.

    Im glad I am not riding with them. I went out for 50km yesterday on the Brompton and it was nice to get home into the warm.
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  11. MrBeanz

    MrBeanz Well-Known Member

    Ontario California
    Nice, there are people who ride in the wind and people who don't ride in the wind. Congrats!

    We joined an organized ride, 100 miles out in the desert. We were in about 20 miles when another couple on their tandem started bragging about their high end tandem. You should get one like ours blah blah blah! They seemed to be making a race out of it. I'm smarter than that knowing the winds were expected. About 50 miles in the wind was about 50 MPH gust. We pulled through and finished the ride while they dropped out at mile 60 from exhaustion.

    My wife will ride in the wind as well so on the tandem, there ain't no stopping us due to wind.
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  12. 59EC5317-1FEE-4245-91EC-46302AEF3CC4.jpeg

    I did this on Saturday. It was seriously windy. Getting home in one piece felt like an achievement in itself:laugh:
  13. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    I've been lifted into the air by a gust of wind coming up a gully I was climbing in Scotland, was dumped back on the rock then spent the next two minutes blinking grit out of my eyes.
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  14. galaxy

    galaxy Über Member

    Mother Nature is an amazing thing. Something so powerful yet you can’t see it. Very invigorating.
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  15. johnblack

    johnblack Well-Known Member

    Rain, Hail, Snow and blazing sunshine all within the space of a few minutes. The only constant was gale force winds, I love this time of year, when you get home you appreciate what you've done even more.
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