It'll probably be the death of me


I'm rubbish at being unwell. Two days in bed with the Dreaded Lurgy (nonspecific variety), and now I've been up for half a day, pottering, and I feel knackered :ohmy:

How come MsM doesn't succumb to these things? :biggrin:


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Keep resting - difficult, but the weather's crap, so that should help. People around me at work are coming back with bad sounding coughs. I'm eating more fruit, Vit C, loads of water & more sleep to try and stay clear.

How was your " Ne'er " up north?


It nearly killed me. 73 miles in 3.5 days. I felt as though I'd been bastinadoed by lunchtime on the third day. On arrival at our B&B's it was all I could do to keep on a brave face until we had the room door shut and I could collapse in a heap. How I did 100k in April I do not know. MsM just keeps going indefinitely without any apparent distress... grrr.

Still, it was good fun in retrospect (and I found that rarity in Scotland, a top notch pub, just round the corner from MsM's daughter's house in Inverness - wahey! And a decent Italian restaurant, the thought of which kept me going to Fort William and the coach back. Oh, and never eat in the Drumnadrochit Hotel - it's crap).

I think this lurgy was probably picked from the Travelling Public (bastards!) on the long trek north by train and has been hibernating until now.

I trust all is fine and dandy down in the approaches of the Med? :tongue:


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Twenty Inch said:
Suleiman the Magnificent! Now there was a name to toy with, but only if you wanted to die a slow, painful death.

Happy days...

So no Teddies called Suleiman, I guess.
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