Its now been 26 weeks today....


Since I was a victim of `SMIDSY` on a local roundabout, this makes it my longest period that I`ve ever gone without cycling in 35 years! I was planning to get back cycling in May but my Physio thinks this is very unlikely. My recovery is still progressing slowly with lots of exercises and short daily walks with the aid of one elbow crutch.
The motorist that hit me is due in court on April 28th charged with driving without due care and consideration, which I`m guessing is a few points on the license!


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Your getting compensation for damages and injuries right?

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It takes as long as your injuries take to heal. They can't settle until you have healed sufficiently
Correct. The level of injury compensation depends on an assessment of how the injuries will affect you into the future. Some sort of stable condition is required to be attained before the medics are happy to give such an assessment.

Do all you can Physio wise to improve. Hope things continue to advance and you get back to pedalling ASAP


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Mine was about 3.5 years.... bit crap. Fortunately I am now OK from it. Further ops and steroid injections. Lots and lots of medical crap, but I was OK in Summer 2012 from the December 2008 accident.

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Have you made a victim personal statement to the police?

Assuming the driver pleads guilty or is convicted, the sentencing court should want to hear a little bit about the impact of the driving on you.

Your guess is correct, driving without due care is not imprisonable.

It's a possible ban, and injury to others is an aggravating factor.

See pg 117 of this document:
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Thanks for that Pale Rider. Yes the driver is pleading guilty, I gather she was heard to say a number of times she didn`t see me. I was on the bonnet of the car for a few seconds so she saw me then!!!
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