It's the end of the world - what's in the grab bag?


Errh.....wont you need a bike to go with the puncture outfit?
How big are you thinking the puncture will be if you need a spare bike? :smile:
As long as your carrying if not it's going in the skip I'm sure someone will find it useful :whistle:


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Police Scotland have advised everyone in Scotland to prepare a "grab bag" full of essentials in case of some un-named emergency.

For us CCers, our grab bag would of course be a pannier but what should be in it?

Suggestions please?

1) Towel
2) Puncture Repair Kit
I have,
Cheap waterproofs
Tea bags
Second set of dry clothes
Current medication(7 day supply), plus a copy of the items being carried.
One pint stainless steel flask.

There is also a Two-man tent, Sleeping bag and Trangia(with fuel) to hand.
Virgin repellent. And a snickers bar.
‘Go Bags’ and ‘bug out vehicles’ are two indicators of someone who needs to rethink their life.


Is this the End Of The World or just The End Of The Bit Of The World I Happen To Live In. For the former, I would crawl under the duvet with a loved one/ bottle of whiskey/ Drago Kit. For the latter, I would try and make it to the bits of the world that haven't ended...and find a duvet...

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a permanent vacancy now exists
A clean pair of bloomers.

Lots of chocolate and other disgustingly sweet crap so I can pig out and it won't matter.

A bottle of something alcoholic might come in handy.
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